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At MYUSGC, we firmly believe in the United States. America’s core principle consists of diversity; giving every person the same chances at the equal opportunities that are available throughout the country.
MYUSGC's goal is to enable individuals who want to immigrate to America to have the best chance of doing so. It is our obligation to provide these individuals with an unsurpassed shot at progressing through the Green card system. All through the last 8 years of our organization's presence, we have helped an incalculable amount of individuals take ahold of their fantasies becoming a part of our stunning nation.
How MYUSGC can help you
An ever increasing number of individuals are excluded from the D.V program, because the applications that they present do not meet the United States' Government’s requirements. It should be noted that any mix-ups that are made during the application are a valid reason for disqualification; because of this, it is vital to ensure that your application is submitted as accurately as possible.
MYUSGC's job is to help disentangle the application procedure for you. We ensure that your application will be submitted effectively and that we will help you 100% of the way through your application, no matter what bumps in the road come our way.
Here at MYUSGC, we will give you the assistance and bolster that you will need to keep your goals in mind and finish the application process in an effective, and expert way.
We understand that the application procedure is a trying time and that the application process can become somewhat tedious, but we are sure that we can help you through it.
We offer a wide assortment of Immigration Services that can be valuable for any person's most essential needs to their most intricate. We have an expansive group of very qualified Immigration and Legal specialists who will gladly audit and check your applications one by one. We will deal with everything for you; this, we guarantee.
Benefits of our program
Throughout the 8 years MYUSGC has been around, we have become one of the most notable organizations in Immigration Services, the D.V program, and immigration legal procedures. We have a substantial assortment of administrations to fit the needs of each client that comes to us for help.

We can provide:

  • Error free applications.
  • Support to guide you through each part of the application.
  • A personalized website account with automatic status updates, information and more.
  • Professional immigration consultation with our experts.
In summary MYUSGC will manage your personal application through the well-ordered procedure of moving to the U.S., from the minute you enquire about your application to our organization, directly through until the point that you achieve the last meeting at the U.S embassy of your country.
We will prepare you, manage all the organization and support you through every single one your customized ventures. MYUSGC guarantees that every candidate will be cared for during their application period, regardless of any issues.
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Application Success
For everybody, the process of applying for and accepting a Green card is extraordinary. Be that as it may, when that astounding moment comes upon you, we will be here to help you to confirm that your application has been endorsed, and what the next step is for you.
Time is of the essence with regards to the procedure of an effective Green card candidate; it is critical to finish the immigration process as soon as possible, and to do so accurately. Delays in the process can result in termination of your approved applicant, which is the last thing you want to happen after such a lengthy procedure.
We will ensure that everything happens rapidly and effectively for you. Our group of immigration specialists will continue to keep everything on track and help you with all of the necessary procedures that happen after your confirmation. We provide personalized services and make sure no opportunity is missed to help all of our clients reach their goal to immigrate to the United States.

Vital ‘DV program’ tips:

  • You can only apply once a year.
  • Over 40% of applicants that handle their own applications are disqualified due to incorrect information. Professional assistance is vital.
  • There are more winners of the than there are available Green cards. Once receiving confirmation, it is important to complete the necessary processes as fast as possible to ensure complete acceptance.
Enquire with our organization today and we can help you on your way to a successful Green card application. As long as you have the will, we have the way.

MYUSGC website is a private entity and is not a governmental agency.

It is not affiliated with the US Government and provides a review and submission services that requires a fees.

The cost of the program depends on 3 parameters: Program type, Customer profile and number of family members.

You can apply to the D.V program with no charge on the Government site: