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How to Become A Permanent Resident in The United States

It’s no secret that most people are eager to make the United States their home. However, the road to having a legal status in the United States can be challenging. But, with the right approach and awareness on how to become a Permanent Resident in the United States, the challenges can be overcome.
The United States of America has a prosperous economy and has a lot of opportunities. No wonder, so many people have their eyes set on the American Dream. The question is though, where and how they can start their journey to the big apple? How can they become a permanent resident in the United States?

Let’s find out more as we continue reading the following topics:

  • Who Can Apply to Become A Permanent Resident?
  • Permanent Resident through the Green Card Program
  • Family Sponsor: US Green Card Holder relative/spouse
  • Family Sponsor: US Citizen relative/spouse
  • Permanent Resident through job offer
  • Refuge and Political Asylum

Who Can Apply to Become A Permanent Resident?

There are specific rules stipulated by the Immigration Law of the United States about who can become a permanent resident. Nonetheless, the US Department of State acknowledges that people want to come to the United States to re-unite with their families or to improve their living conditions. Therefore, they have made it possible for eligible persons to get a realistic chance to improve their lifestyle.
There are several ways in which you can become a permanent resident. For instance, you can become a permanent resident through the Diversity Visa Green Card Program, through family sponsorship, through job offers, if you are a special immigrant or if you are a refugee.

Permanent Resident through the Green Card Program

For years, the green card program has made it possible for millions of people to become permanent residents in the United States. This program is offered by the US Department of State and is open annually.
However, out of the millions who have applied, only 55,000 are granted visas. There is a great chance of winning though, because none of the eligible countries can receive more than 7% of the winning Green Cards.
It is very easy to enter the Green Card Program that takes place yearly. MYUSGC provides a wide range of professional services and have help people all over the globe with the green card Program application process. Apply now to enter the Program, you might end up being a winner.

How Can I Know If I’m Eligible for the Green Card Program?

  • Not every country is eligible for the Green Card Program.
  • The list of country changes each year, so you will need to check to see if your country is eligible before starting the green card application process.
  • For eligibility you will also need to fulfill the educational requirement and work experience requirement.
You can read further about applying for a green card and find out more about your eligibility for the green card Program. You can also contact one of our professionals who will assist you with the process.

Family Sponsorship

The route to becoming a Permanent Resident of the United States through family sponsorship a long-standing foundation route. There are two ways in which you can obtain a green card through family sponsorship:

a. Through a relative or spouse who is a US Green Card Holder

Green Card Holder Spouses
If the marriage to a green card holder is authentic, then the green card holder can file for his/her spouse. A spouse falls under the secondary preference category.

Green Card Holder Unmarried Children under age 21
If the children are unmarried and are under the age of 21, then the green card holder can also file for them since they also fall under the second preference category.

b. Through a US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident
United State Citizens can file for their spouses, parents, children, and siblings for permanent residence status. They too have a long waiting period for their Green Cards to become available.

Citizens of the United States are not permitted to apply for permanent residence for other family members such as aunts, uncles, cousins, or grandparents because they are not qualified for a visa through family sponsorship.

Permanent Residence Through Job Offer

If you wish to work in the United States, there are several available options. The visa you will obtain will depend on the type of work you will be undertaken and the working conditions. You can apply to become a Permanent Resident in the United States from anyone of the following categories:
  • Sponsorship from an employer - the employer will have to prove that there is a shortage of US labor in the specific labor force or that no citizen or green card holders are willing to accept the job for which they are sponsoring.
  • Investment – if you are an investor you can become a permanent resident for job creation in the United State.
  • Self-Petition – applicants with extra ordinary skills can also apply through the “National Interest Waiver” option.
  • Special Skilled Worker – if you are eligible under a specific job category as skilled worker you can become a Permanent Resident. For example, doctor, journalist, athlete, religious worker, and many others.

Refugee/Political Asylum

Persons who have experienced persecution in their country because of their political affiliation, race, religion, nationality or because they are a member of a social group are given refuge by the United States of America. These people can apply to become permanent residents one year after they have been admitted.


To become a permanent resident of the United States you can go through anyone of the route mentioned above if you are eligible. Most people who do not have family sponsors or job offers usually take the D.V Green Card Program route which seems to be the easiest of all.

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