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Online Green Card Application

From the millions of people who apply for the Diversity Visa (DV) Program held yearly by the US Department of State, only 55,000 of them become winners.
Lack of professional assistance is one main reason why many persons are disqualified from obtaining their green card. Meaning, they try to process their own application without understanding the rules and requirements of the United States Government which result in their application being rejected.
Here at MYUSGC, we are committed in providing professional services for all our clients and ensure that all our green card online applications are processed accurately.

How to Obtain a Green Card

There are different ways in which you can obtain a green card to become a permanent resident of the United States. You can obtain a green card either through any of the following:
  • Family Ties – You can obtain a green card through a member of your family who is a US citizen, or a green card holder.
  • Job Offer – Your professional background can also qualify you for a green card. For example:
    • Your employer can petition on your behalf
    • If you are an investor and can create jobs for Americans, or
    • A specialist – journalist, physicians, religious workers, etc.,
  • Refugee/Asylum Status – If you were granted Asylum into the United States you can obtain a green card one year after entering the United States.
  • Diversity Visa (DV) Program – this program takes place once per year, usually between October-November. Although millions of people submit applications each year, only 55,000 become winners.

Apply for Green Card Online

The Green Card application form is available online only. Once you have become familiar and understand the D.V Program green card eligibility requirements then you are ready to start the green card application process.
While it is free to apply for your green card online directly through the US Department of State, the application can be confusing and may causes errors that will deter your chances of success.
Therefore, MYUSGC has made the green card application form available on our website for your convenience. We will assist you throughout the entire application process.

You will receive:

  • 100% telephone support
  • 100% email Support
  • Digital Photograph Assistance
  • Green Card Application Review
  • Personal Assistant
However, to access our service you need to be a registered customer of MYUSGC. Here is how you can become a member.

Register with MYUSGC

Registering with MYUSGC is very easy and will take only a few minutes. By registering with us you have the freedom of applying for the D.V Program at your own convenience. Complete the requisites on the application form with your contact and biological details and we will take care of the rest.

This is what we will do for you:

  • We will collect your information, review it for accuracy and assess if you are eligible to participate in the D.V Program.
  • We will prepare and process your digital photographs to make sure that they satisfy the US State Department requirements.
  • Your green card application will be submitted to the US State Department and we will submit to you your unique application reference number.
  • We will frequently track the processing of your application with the US State Department so that we can obtain your result quickly.
  • You will also have access to check the status of your green card application through your personalized online account provided to you by us.

Benefits of MYUSGC Registration

  • Authentic and error-free application assistance
  • Help with application submission
  • Professional application review before submission
  • Timely submission of application
  • Easy and simple online registration
  • 24 hrs. online customer support
  • Free and instant update and alerts
  • Assistance with relocation to the United States
  • High level data security – to make sure that your information is private and secure

Why Millions of Green Card Online Applications are Rejected?

Although you may become a winner of the D.V Program there is no guarantee that your green card online visa application will be accepted. Therefore, you need to ensure that the information you provided is valid and of the highest standard.

Here are some reasons why most green card online applications are rejected every year:

  • Inconsistency – information provided is conflicting and does not agree
  • Inaccuracies – some applicants do not take quality time to sit and fill out their application properly, so applications are submitted with too many errors, misspelled words, and sometimes the information is untrue.
  • Submit more than one application thus breaking the contest rule
  • Not from a country that is eligible
  • Lack the qualification of a high school certificate and work experience
  • Invalid Photograph – a photo was submitted that is not recent, altered, or not in the required format
  • Incomplete information – a spouse or other family members were not identified on the application
Apart from making sure that you are eligible for applying, always double check your application for the common mistakes mentioned above.


  • To apply for a green card online is free. However, seeking the assistance of professionals will increase the chances of the acceptance of your green card online application
  • There are different ways to obtain a green card, such as family ties, job offer, Asylum, or DV Program. However, the only option for some people is the D.V program
  • There is no guarantee that your green card online application will be accepted. Therefore, you need to make sure that the information you provided is in accordance to the rules and requirements of the US State Department
  • If you do not feel confident applying on your own seek the help our professionals here at MYUSGC, we will make it happen!

MYUSGC website is a private entity and is not a governmental agency.

It is not affiliated with the US Government and provides a review and submission services that requires a fees.

The cost of the program depends on 3 parameters: Program type, Customer profile and number of family members.

You can apply to the D.V program with no charge on the Government site: