D.V Eligibility Check
MYUSGC is extremely proud of the core set of values that we always maintain. In addition to our professional, passionate, enthusiastic, and helpful team, our morals and values are what make us unique and exceptional.
We operate in the highest ethical standard and we do not discriminate. We endeavor that our clients are treated with respect, fairness and kindness, despite race, color, or nationality.
Our Mission Statement
We are committed to excellence and quality and to exceed our clients’ expectations by delivering first-class services and solutions.
Our Core Values:
  • Experienced & Professional Team Members
  • Quality Affordable Services
  • Diversified Strength
  • Supportive Working Environment
  • First-Hand Immigration Experience
Experienced & Professional Team Members
We are committed to provide our clients with experienced, professional, and qualified immigration specialists to handle their business. All members of our team are highly trained and operate in confidence to achieve our clients’ objectives.
Client Focused
  • We have committed ourselves to support our clients in their quest for a better lifestyle in the United States.
  • We focus on delivering practical, informed, durable and innovative immigration solutions to our clients’ problems and challenges.
  • We are committed to maintain a friendly and warm atmosphere always so that our clients feel comfortable to communicate and interact with us.
  • We are committed to answer our clients questions in a clear, courteous and detail manner.
Quality Affordable Services
  • We believe in providing an affordable service so that everyone may have a chance of achieving their American Dream.
  • Our services are designed with our clients in mind, therefore we provide cost effective efficient, and quality services.
Diversified Strength
  • We are committed to provide a diversified team to ensure that our clients needs are met.
  • Our team members are from different backgrounds, different cultures, and speak different languages.
  • This is one of our core value feature and practice.
Supportive Working Environment
  • We encourage an atmosphere of openness, team-spirit, and co-operation in our work environment.
  • It is important that everyone on our team feels comfortable and satisfy on the job so that they can serve our clients with enthusiasm and efficiency.
  • We are committed to support our clients by answering their questions promptly and delivering informed solutions.
First-Hand Immigration Experience
  • We are extremely proud of the fact that most of our team members have first-hand experience dealing with immigration issues and processes.
  • We relate to our clients with empathy and we deliver personalised services.

MYUSGC website is a private entity and is not a governmental agency.

It is not affiliated with the US Government and provides a review and submission services that requires a fees.

The cost of the program depends on 3 parameters: Program type, Customer profile and number of family members.

You can apply to the D.V program with no charge on the Government site: